Rodney Romero

- Balik Tanaw (2012), - Padayon (2010), - Tinikling (2009), - Sulyap (2008), - Pagsilang (2005), - Voyage (1998), - PInagmulan (1997), - Kaisahan (1995), - Ang Bayan Ko, Pilipinas (1994), Dancer, Musician, Current Performing Artist, Staff: Artistic

Rodney has been performing his native folk dances from an early age, and is one of its founding members. His talents range from principal dancer to ethnic instrumentalist/percussion to rondalla maestro. Largely self-taught, his passion for learning and goal of perfecting his craft has been instrumental to the group and its growth. Rodney is a graduate of BCIT and VFS, and works for a local plastics firm.