Pamela Villarama

From: January 2007 to Present
- Balik Tanaw (2012), - Padayon (2010), - Tinikling (2009), - Sulyap (2008), - Belgium (2006), Dancer, Current Performing Artist

Have you ever felt like an apple fell on your head, and then suddenly came to an epiphany? Pamela experienced this approximately one year ago. One regular day, Pamela had the sudden urge and desire to learn Filipino folk dance. Since that very day, she searched to find a dance group that she could possibly join. She had gone through a long and exhaustive search until one day she heard about Kababayang Pilipino and that they were performing a show called "Pagsilang". After watching their show she fell in love with it and knew that this was the group that she craved to be a part of. Now, Pamela is one of the newest faces of the KP 2006 season. Although she has never been classically trained, Pamela has some background in Latin dance, ballroom, hip hop and piano. She is very excited and proud to be a part of company where people share the same passion for the Filipino culture, music and dance. She looks forward to performing many more years with the company, as a dancer and future musician.