Michelle Correa

- Balik Tanaw (2012), - Tinikling (2009), - Sulyap (2008), - Belgium (2006), - Pagsilang (2005), - Pamana (2003), Dance Assistant, Dancer, Current Performing Artist

Michelle’s love for dance began at age 5.  She took ballet classes until she was 14 years old.  Her passion for dance reignited when she met Kababayang Pilipino in 1996. Over the years, Michelle has performed in all of KP’s major productions and has travelled all over Canada and the USA and most recently, various cities in Italy.  Michelle is a mother to four daughters whom all share the same passion for dance and will be taking part in Ipasa.  Teaching KP Kids since 1999,  Michelle feels privileged to be able to pass on her knowledge and passion for Filipino Folk dance to young dancers. She hopes to be a positive role model for young dancers, to inspire them to work hard, and to unleash their passion for the performing arts.