Melissa Pastor

- Balik Tanaw (2012), - Padayon (2010), - Tinikling (2009), - Sulyap (2008), - Pagsilang (2005), - Pamana (2003), Dancer, KP Kids, Current Performing Artist

Ever since Melissa Pastor was a little girl she grew up watching Kababayang Pilipino from the outside in. She remembers watching their practices in her cousins’ garage, her mother helping sewing costumes and bringing up flowers at the end of the show for the performers. But as Melissa grew up, she found herself becoming involved with KP as well. She first joined KP Kids for two seasons and then she became a part of Kababayang Pilipino in 2003. Melissa has always had a love for dancing ever since she was younger when she started Polynesian and Tahitian dancing. She also has a passion for music which evolved from playing the piano for several years and with her musical ability she has become a member of the rondalla. After being involved with KP, Melissa has been blessed to be surrounded with people who share a love for their culture. She enjoys performing on stage with KP because she gets the chance to show people a bit of who she is. Melissa can finally say that she’s looking from the inside out.