Iris Miranda

From: November 1996 to Present
- Sulyap (2008), - Pamana (2003), - Stores and Legends (2000), - Alay (1999), Dance Assistant, Dancer, Current Performing Artist

Iris joined Kababayang Pilipino halfway through its 3rd season in November 1996. From the moment she watched her first practice she has been filled with awe for the Filipino culture with its inspirational dance and music. The KP experience has embedded itself into Iris’s life, into her heart, where it is not easily left aside. Even when Iris went away for school she practiced with her videos and traveled back to share KP’s much anticipated 10 year anniversary. Dance has always been a passionate part in Iris’s life, with previous history in Ballet, Jazz, Gymnastics and musical background in piano, but it is with Kababayang Pilipino, and its loyal family, that she has found her true love.