Cristina Pernia

- Balik Tanaw (2012), - Padayon (2010), - Tinikling (2009), - Sulyap (2008), - Belgium (2006), - Pagsilang (2005), - Pamana (2003), - Bravo (2002), - Alay (1999), Dancer, Musician, Current Performing Artist

After several years of volunteering at KP events, Cristina Pernia officially joined KP in 1998 as one of the inaugural members of KP’s Rondalla. Having been playing the piano since she was seven (thanks mom), Cristina has always had a passion for music; so it seemed only fitting to put her musical background to good use. Cristina has been a proud member of KP’s Rondalla & Percussion ensemble ever since.  Her favorite suites are Spanish and Muslim (the music, the costumes, the grace…it’s all breathtaking), and her all-time favorite piece to perform is Habanera Jovencita (with Usahay a close second). Next on Cristina’s to-do list with KP - dancing.