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Vancouver Playhouse “Salute to 2010”
November 1, 2009

In celebration of 100 Day Countdown To Winter Games, Strathcona Community Center of Vancouver Park Board proudly hosted "Salute to 2010". This event / matinee show was held at Vancouver Playhouse (Hamilton / Dunsmuir, Vancouver). It was indeed a Vibrant Performance, spectacular production celebrating colors from around the world. Featuring exquisite award-winning dances from diverse cultural traditions, high-energy hip hop dance sensations, stunning acrobatic feats, distinctive bagpipe rhythmn, dynamic drumming, enlightening band music and creative choreography that reflect global unity in harmony and felicity.

Kababayang Pilipino was one of the participating groups, along with Strathcona Chinese Dance Company, Vancouver Academy of Dance, Polish Folk Dance Ensemble, Templeton School Band, Templeton Banner Team, African Drummer and Scottish Bagpiper.

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