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PADAYON (Moving Forward)
June 6, 2010

In its 17 years of presenting the Philippine folk arts, many of Kababayang Pilipino’s artists have come and gone. Yet the group continues to pursue and advocate the Philippine culture through dance, music, theatre and song with the intention of educating others and themselves about our heritage.

This year’s performance, PADAYON, is a continuation of what has been passed down, from mentor to teacher and from teacher to student for the next generation to reap. KP, under the new direction of Dotai Amor Aquino is continuing its dream to reach through to its audience’s hearts and once again lead them to the stories of the Philippines.

The Philippine culture has excelled in its many forms, especially the performing folk arts. The distinct beauty of the many islands of the Philippines may be difficult to relay in one presentation but our past must not be forgotten and die. We pass the existence of our unique cultural heritage to the next generation through chants, music and movement. PADAYON, is a Visayan term meaning to "move on", and is fitting because with our magnificent and colourful traditions, we can move on to the next era armed with the insight and the knowledge of our culture. 

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